Thought Sketches


Recipe of Opportunities

By Valentinus Vesakha Vincent

I bet all of my readers know what is Marathon. Yes, It’s a long-distance running race. I always assume that living life and realizing dream is like marathon. I don’t know how far ahead to the finish line, I also don’t know until when I need to endure. There will be up and down in the process, but that what makes the journey became so special. I’m pretty sure that all people won’t start their journey with no purpose or destination, there must be.

Nothing wrong with dreaming to achieve on something that we want to be. But in these past few years, I realized that dreaming is not as easy as I thought before. I used to think that all I need is just having gut to do it in order to achieve something that I want. But as each year goes by, I saw a lot of things and it changed on my perspective on it. The more I see, the more I realize that there’s another depth and dimension of life.

I have sacrificed these few years to discover both my context and myself. I was looking the formula to support my effort on achieve my dream. Then I decided to jump out of the box by trying new stuffs. The first step on doing something is never easy but after I’ve overcame on that thing, then I became someone arrogant and keep thinking that I could reach the highest point until one day I realized that arrogant and selfishness will only ruin the process to reach the finish line.

Since then, I changed my philosophy and until now, I’m using the same principle to improve the quality of me. I’ve always convinced myself, to achieve the finish line, it needs:

[(Persistence + Hard Work) + (Grateful + Humble) + Experience] x Action = Better Opportunity

Even though this principle still has not lead me to the finish line, however it has made an improvement on my quality which make me easier to reach finish line.

Life is full of mysteries and all things in life are temporary. We won’t know what will happen later, tomorrow, next week etc. Those milestones are illusions. I also don’t expect it applies on friendship and social life. They come and go. However even though they’re, but their ephemeral presence could at least ease some of our pain, solve some of our struggle.

This process might be hard to pass through, but if you enjoy and apply the right principle in your life, I believe that it would be worth it.