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Certified Digital Marketer, Creative Brand Strategist and Fair trade Enthusiast.


Hi, I am Valentinus Vesakha Vincent.


My enthusiasm in Entrepreneurship, Youth Development and Brand Management have driven me to focus on revolutionising the way how business works in the future.

I always intrigued by philosophy, strategy, classical/pop/electro music, travelling, fabulous food and deep conversation.

I love to involve in youth empowerment, seeking to be inspired, envision the impossible, work on things that are worth and be surrounded by those who can see on my potential and greatness.

My professional interests include Digital Marketing & Brand Management .


“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
Isaac Asimov


International Academic Background

After receiving my High School Diploma in Liberal Arts and Sciences from National Overseas Chinese Senior High School in Banchiao City, Taiwan - with Merit, I continued my adventure to Malaysia. Currently, I am doing my Bachelor's Degree in International Business at INTI International University, Malaysia and University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. In 2017, I did my Externship at University of Oxford (United Kingdom) - focusing on Social Business Development. Recently, I obtained Certificate in Economics with Distinction from Stanford University, United States. Currently on Academic Break on pursuing Certificate in Marketing & Data Sciences at University of California, Berkeley.



 I have field experiences in Brand Management, Product Innovation, Leadership and Global Communication projects, including building my own startup company, pitching new products and innovative approaches to top-tier Technology, Internet and CPG firm such as AC Nielsen, IBM, Google, Unilever, L’Oreal and many more. I am also actively engaged in International Conferences such as Skoll Centre For Social Entrepreneurship: Emerge 2017 by The University of Oxford; The Telegraph: Festival of Business 2017; Leadership Energy Summit Asia 2016 and Young Entrepreneurs Conference 2016.



Valent brings with him immense passion and a burning desire to prove himself, personally and at work. This, coupled with his willing-to-learn attitude, will take him far.
— Ms Debra Deyvitah - Brand Manager @ Fonterra Malaysia
A young gentleman with diverse talents and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. With Valentinus, the much needed street-wise, practical skills and competencies are clearly evident.
— Assoc. Prof. Dr Lee Kar Ling, ASEAN Adjunct Professor
Ambitious and Courageous Entrepreneur. He posses a strong desire to learn and to grow that I rarely see in young students. From my first time meeting him, I knew he was a go-getter, never afraid to throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbour and achieve the goal before him. Ultimately, a team player.
— Mr. Nelson David Bassey, Motivator
One of extraordinary & energetic students I have encountered in my 6 years of teaching! I have no doubt to state that he is one of the promising young leaders since he has demonstrated his leadership potential by his personal qualities.
— Ms. Cherish Liew Peh Ting, Senior Lecturer at INTI International University
I found Valentinus as a guy full of passion and energy. While working with him, I am impressed by his dedication in putting all his effort in the ideas he believes in. He has a lot of great ideas and we often bounce off ideas together. He also communicates both eloquently and confidently with most people. With his dedication and skills, he will be a great asset to any team he is working for.
— Mr. Charles Kusuma Wijaya, Technology Entrepreneur; ex-Monster Malaysia
I have known Valentinus since I began teaching Global Logistics Management. During the course, he has to manage project with Lazada Express Malaysia. The task was to explore and recommend logistics solutions for Lazada Express, the distribution arm for Lazada’s online business. His mature thinking and initiative went beyond my expectations and I am highly impressed with his efforts to excel.
— Mr. Anthony Vaz, Former Senior Lecturer @ INTI International University
I had the pleasure of working with Valent for his Final Year Project, in collaboration with Shopee. I was particularly impressed by Valent’s ability from planning to executing the project with outstanding result within the short timeline given. It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Valent.
— Ms. Tracy Koh, CRM & Digital Marketing Executive @ Timberland Malaysia
Valentinus has great initiatives and is an eager learner. He takes extra miles to build networks to complement his learning and this is highly commendable. A young gentleman with brilliant future.
— Dr Pek Chuen Khee, Dean, Faculty of Business - City University of Malaysia

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